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I close my tear-filled eyes once more only to see the truth of this dark emptiness.
In the silence my beating heart assures me I'm still alive in this lonely darkness.
I look down at these shameful scars that burn deep as I remember all of the sinful pain.
All of the cuts open and blood pours over my body leaving me breathless and stained.
You are my death, the reason why I die everyday.
Still, quiet, and motionless I wait to die once more while hoping I'll be okay.
Your love has burned me into ashes that have blown away and are forever lost.
Lost in a frozen sea of abandonment and absorbed into a dark thin frost.
You are my disgrace and my little taste of blissful hate.
I sink further into this darkened abyss as I hold my breath and hope death turns to fate.
I feel the sharp blade slice my tattered heart as I slowly crush into a million pieces.
My body still holds on and life flows through my veins as my soul releases.
I submerge into my torturing sorrow as I drown with no escape, for I shall not be saved.
I weaken in these pits of hell as I suffocate by this inflicted pain I have craved.
For you are the one to blame, the reason my world has stopped and died.
Withered and broken I am while on the brink of letting go and falling to the other side.
I truly hate you, I can no longer bleed my heart out while staring death in the eye.
Yet, I still love you, and this death I shall forever bare, because I'm not ready to say my last good-bye.
My kind of love.
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December 31, 2012
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